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Surgical patients understand that there are certain risks that come along with any operation. While some risks are simply a part of any surgical procedure, patients have the right to expect that their surgeon will exercise appropriate care in surgery. When surgeons breach their duty of care, patients can suffer severe injury or even death. One type of malpractice involves bowel perforation in surgery. Perforation of the bowel can occur in laparoscopic surgeries, colonoscopies and other operations.

When the bowel is perforated during surgery, the contents of the bowel leak into the abdomen, increasing the risk for blood infection, sepsis, peritonitis and even death. If a bowel is perforated, surgeons must exercise proper care and take immediate steps to reduce these risks. Patients have the greatest risk of injury when the bowel perforation is not recognized becoming a surgical error.

If you experience abdominal pain and tenderness, vomiting and a high fever, these symptoms should be treated immediately. Treating a perforated bowel will require additional surgeries. Typically, the patient will require a colostomy bag for some period of time while the perforated bowel is healing.

If your bowel or colon was perforated during surgery, you may have a claim for malpractice. The act of perforating the bowel does not necessarily constitute malpractice. The failure to recognize the perforation during surgery, however, is nearly always malpractice. There are certain protocols specifically designed so that a surgeon can effectively recognize and repair this sort of injury in a non-invasive manner.

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