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Every year, hundreds of thousands of people in New York City present to an emergency room (ER) seeking medical care. Emergency rooms see patients with every kind of illness or injury. At times, emergency rooms are flooded with many people who require immediate medical attention. As a result, emergency rooms can be hectic environments.

Despite the flow of patients, emergency room doctors and nurses still have a duty of care to every patient they serve. Amidst the chaos of an emergency room, patients may not receive appropriate care. Patients may be forced to wait an unreasonable amount of time for a doctor, or they may be misdiagnosed when they do see a doctor.

ER Negligence Attorneys New York City

If your injuries or the loss of a loved one was caused by negligence in the emergency room, you have the right to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit for your damages. The law firm of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP has served New Yorkers for decades. We have helped many people injured by medical negligence recover full compensation.

Errors in emergency room care can occur at any point in the process. Perhaps the most common problem in the ER relates to the failure to diagnose or the misdiagnosis of life-threatening conditions. For example, patients with symptoms of a heart attack or stroke may be misdiagnosed and discharged. In other instances, proper X-rays scans, and MRIs are not ordered or are not read by competent personnel at the time of the emergency room visit. Such omissions result in failures to treat severe fractures, tumors and other serious conditions.

Prioritizing the order in which patients receive care is another area of potential error. This process is known as triage. It is important that nurses properly categorize patients so that those with the most urgent problems are treated before those with less pressing medical problems. Improper triage can even result in patients dying in the emergency room while awaiting care.

If we accept your case, our New York emergency room errors lawyers and attorneys will closely review the evidence to show how the hospital's procedures or doctor's negligence were the cause of your injuries. Once we understand what happened, we will prepare a strong case designed to maximize your money damages.

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