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One of the most important medical devices in any birth is the fetal monitoring strip. Fetal monitoring strips provide nurses with information about the child's heart rate. Nurses and obstetricians should rely on this information to determine a plan for the child's birth. Fetal monitoring strips can let these professionals know if the fetus is in distress and whether the fetus needs to be delivered immediately.

When faced with evidence of fetal distress, obstetricians must make accurate decisions in order to minimize risk to the child and mother. When these doctors fail in their duties, the child can suffer oxygen deprivation, which in turn can lead to profound brain damage or death. If your child suffered brain damage or some other birth injury, he or she will require special care. The costs of this care will be very expensive. A malpractice claim can be instrumental in helping your child receive money for the care he or she will need to live as full a life as possible.

We are the New York fetal distress birth injury attorneys of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP. We have helped parents of children disabled by medical malpractice file successful lawsuits. Based in Manhattan, we are able to serve clients throughout each of the five boroughs and the surrounding areas.

Looking Closely at Fetal Monitoring Strips and Other Data

Fetal monitoring strips can provide some of the most effective evidence in birth injury cases. Our birth injury lawyers, with the assistance of medical experts, will analyze this data. We will show how the failure to correctly interpret this information, and the failure to recognize signs of fetal distress, led to your child's injuries. In addition to building a solid case against the negligent doctors, we will calculate the costs of your child's care, projected over his or her expected life. Once we have established your child's damages and the doctor's negligence, we will work towards a resolution of the case, either in settlement or trial.

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