Although there are not a lot of publicized medical malpractice cases pending in New York City, it is topic that has taken the spotlight following the death of the "King of Pop," Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray is facing charges that claim he breached care standards that ultimately caused Jackson's death. The claim is that he committed medical malpractice by administering anesthetics to the singer in a negligent manner.

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It is a sad day in New York when a doctor makes a mistake during a common medical procedure. A 74-year-old man incurred serious injury that eventually led to his death, after receiving a thoracentesis. This procedure involves placing a needle through the chest of the patient, in order to collect a fluid sample from the space around the lungs. Regrettably, hospital injuries are a growing cause of concern across the country.

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Medical malpractice is part of the curriculum at the University of Buffalo Medical School in New York. An adjunct research instructor of family medicine knows from personal experience the havoc that medical errors and other forms of medical malpractice in hospitals can create. Citing the fact that 180,000 Medicare patients die each year across the country due to medical error, the teacher asks students to consider the very human side of each tragedy. She should know; her mother was one.

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Misdiagnosis is a serious problem in the New York medical community. Sometimes the advice given to patients is simply wrong and often the patients tragically follow the recommendations they have been urged to observe. One recent misdiagnosis, which brought the entire issue into focus, actually resulted in good news. But it was only because the patient refused to follow the doctor's advice.

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When you have sought medical treatment for an injury or illness, only to suffer additional injuries because of negligence by a doctor, nurse or other medical caregiver, an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer can help you pursue full and fair compensation for all your losses. The laws and procedures governing medical malpractice in New York can be confusing and intimidating. You can find it difficult to know whether you have a claim, and what you need to do to get the compensation you need to cover your losses and move forward with your life.

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