Wrongful death occurs when a person is killed because of another party’s negligent act. In New York, the deceased person’s family or estate is entitled to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party. There are several things that need to be addressed in a wrongful death lawsuit necessitating the skills of an experienced Bronx accidental death lawyer. Here are some of the leading causes for wrongful death lawsuits in Bronx.

Auto Accidents

Millions of people get into their cars to go to work, run errands, pick up groceries, and other things. There are always a few drivers that drive recklessly or don’t pay attention to the road. More often than not their negligent behavior results in an accident. If a driver doesn’t obey traffic laws and ends up causing an accident, they can be held liable by having to pay economic and noneconomic damages to the injured party.

Negligent behavior can include running a red light, not looking before changing lanes, pulling out in front of another car when you don’t have the right of way, and speeding among other things. If the accident results in fatal injuries, it becomes a wrongful death lawsuit. The negligent party can be held responsible for compensating the deceased person’s family.

Based on this, it takes a competent Bronx car accident wrongful death lawyer to ensure you get maximum financial recovery.

Motorcycle Accidents

bronx premises liability motorcycle

Motorcycles are not as common as trucks or cars on the roadways, which is why most motorists are not on the lookout for them. These vehicles are small in size and can be easily missed on the roads. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can result in devastating injuries and catastrophic consequences.

This is why motorists have a responsibility to keep an eye out for motorcycles. Motorcycle riders don’t have the same safety features like car drivers. In most cases, motorcycle crashes result in fatal injuries. Few of the more common causes of motorcycle accidents resulting in wrongful death include turning left in front of a bike, pulling out in front of them, or running into a motorcycle.

With that said, for a valid wrongful death claim, the at-fault party should have been negligent in their actions. You should also be able to prove that the party acted negligently. Having a capable Bronx wrongful death attorney on your side can strengthen your claim.

Commercial Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks and big rigs are steadily increasing in number on highways and roadways. They are the primary mode of transportation for supplies and goods to reach our favorite businesses and stores. Commercial trucks are large, heavy, and cannot be maneuvered like a car. Their tall height can also create hazardous situations, especially in high wind areas.

There are several reasons that can contribute to a commercial truck accident. The trucking company can be held responsible if they fail in inspecting the trucks as per federal laws. There are several types of mechanical defects that can be spotted and fixed during regular inspections.

If the brakes on a semi-truck fail and end up crushing the occupants of a car in front, resulting in their death, you may have a wrongful death lawsuit. Furthermore, you would need to show that the commercial trucking company missed a routine brake inspection.

Not performing required safety measures knowingly is a common instance of negligence. Truckers driving too fast or in unsafe conditions is another common reason for truck accidents.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents occur when someone in a car or another vehicle doesn’t pay attention to the bicyclists on the road. This is one of the more common reasons for wrongful death lawsuits in New York. Motorists often become aggressive with bicyclists on the roads. Typically, bike lanes are on the right side of the road. Cars can easily crash into a bicycle if they don’t pay attention when turning right.

Motorists can also hit a cycle or cause them to crash by cutting them off. Fatal bicycle accidents occur when motorists don’t look before turning. Dooring accidents can result in fatal injuries as well. This is a type of negligent behavior in which the occupant of a parked car opens their door into the bike lane.

A cyclist may suffer fatal injuries if they hit the car door or swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid a collision.

Pedestrian Accidents

Traffic accidents involving pedestrians frequently result in wrongful death actions because pedestrians don’t have the same protection as car occupants. In most pedestrian accidents, the fault is of the auto driver. Pertaining to this, a seasoned Bronx wrongful death lawyer may be able to hold the city responsible if poor road conditions or construction contributed to the accident. The city can also be held liable for damages if the sidewalks are unsafe for pedestrians.

Nursing Home Neglect

It can be scary dropping off a loved one at a long-term care facility. Incidents of abuse and neglect are rife in the Bronx area. In many cases, elders that are abused and neglected succumb to their injuries. Physical abuse, malnourishment, inadequate medical attention, and dehydration are common types of abuse in nursing homes.

You can bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the nursing home if your loved one died due to their negligence. A proven wrongful death attorney Bronx can hold the facility liable if they violated the terms of care or abused a patient.

Boating and Drowning Accidents

Waterparks offer a wide array of fun activities. Besides, boating vessels and waterparks come with inherent risks that most people ignore. Many captains and boaters fail to thoroughly inspect their vessels. This negligence can cause an otherwise pleasurable leisure activity to turn into a catastrophic drowning accident.

Boating accidents generally occur when rookie boaters go out without fully realizing the rules of the water. For instance, boaters should know how to navigate waves correctly and pass other boats on the right side. Accidents can also occur when a boater is operating the boat while drinking.

Drinking on a boat is a common act of negligence and is taken seriously in court if it results in the death of another person. Waterparks can experience malfunctions in wave pools and other areas resulting in accidental drownings. Proper maintenance of these facilities is necessary to avoid a catastrophic accident.

Workplace Accidents

Employers have a duty to provide safe working conditions to their employees. Taking this into account, many people are forced to work in unsafe conditions because of struggling low-income businesses. Workers may not be provided with proper safety equipment that results in fatal injuries in the event of an accident.

Employees continue working because they cannot afford to get fired. Construction industry accounts for the greatest number of fatal accidents in New York. Workers frequently fall off of buildings, structural frames, and houses while performing risky jobs. The construction company can be held liable through a wrongful death lawsuit if they failed in providing the workers with appropriate safety gear.

Medical Malpractice

There are strict guidelines to conducting a surgery or any other medical procedure. Each medical activity needs to be performed with precision and safety. Doctors may skip certain safety procedures sometimes in a hurry to get done with the procedure. They may forget something inside the patient while performing a surgery. This can result in infection and cause wrongful death.

Doctors are expected to perform their duties with the highest level of caution because of the inherent risks involved in their profession. You may also have a medical malpractice lawsuit against a physician if they forgot to accurately check medical records or let the patient know of possible side effects.

Product Liability

Defective products have become all too common. Poor design, improper manufacturing, malfunctioning safety features, and defects from transportation can lead to fatal injuries. You may have a wrongful death suit against the at-fault party if these defects led to the death of your loved one.

Product manufacturers have a duty of ensuring that their customers are safe if they use the product as intended. Improper stress testing is a common malfunction leading to product failure. You should consult with an experienced wrongful death lawyer Bronx to determine whether you have a claim or not.

Premises Liability

Property owners and managers in Bronx have a duty of ensuring that their property is well-maintained and doesn’t pose a threat to anyone on the property. The property owner can be held liable for wrongful death if they were aware of a hazardous situation and did not take timely steps to fix it or warn others of the danger.

Business owners can be held liable if they fail to fix ice on the steps, correct structural issues, repair old guardrails, or allow wet floors among other things. It takes seasoned Bronx wrongful death lawyers to maximize financial recovery.

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