Medical Malpractice.jpgRemoval of the gallbladder or the surgical procedure called cholecystectomy is all too common the world over. With recent advances in laparoscopic surgery moreover, a gallbladder operation may be performed in an hour's time and the patient is free to resume normal duties within a week.

You may not want to be on the basketball court though for a few weeks but you can relax and watch a fantastic Chappie, Transformers, or Sicario movie within a day of having this surgery!

Simple as the procedure may seem, if the surgeon is careless or not trained enough, he may nick the bile duct behind the gallbladder and cause irreparable and permanent harm to the patient. Moreover, since the laparoscope is inserted through several tiny holes or incisions on the abdomen, improper post-operative care can lead to infection also.

The other complications could be:

  • Post-operative bleeding which would require further surgery to stop it.
  • Bile leakage where fluid can leak into the abdomen, post gallbladder removal and lead to pain, nausea, fever and distension of the abdomen. This bile needs further draining. This could lead to post-cholecystectomy syndrome that includes acute abdominal pain, diarrhea, indigestion, jaundice, or high fever.
  • Injuries to the bowel, intestines, and blood vessels.
  • DVT or deep vein thrombosis where a blood clot develops usually in a vein of the leg and start moving within the body. This in turn could block the blood flow to the lungs and cause pulmonary embolism, leading to death.
  • Negative reactions to general anesthesia.
  • This is known as post-cholecystectomy syndrome (PCS) and it's thought to be caused by bile leaking into areas such as the stomach or by gallstones being left in the bile ducts.

Your rights as a victim

If you happen to be an unfortunate victim of a botched gallbladder surgery, acute medical setbacks or even premature death can happen. It is also seen rarely that a nicked common bile duct has resulted in the patient undergoing a series of further operations which could definitely have been prevented or living with drainage tubes inserted into his abdomen for draining the bile into an external bag for life.

Thus you have every right to sue your surgeon and/or the hospital and claim rightful compensation on the ground that the attending physician violated his duty of care while treating you. Screaming at the hospital staff does not help at all. You may need one of them on your side down the road.

The culprit, the surgeon, will probably be removed from your case and you will not see that person again. You need legal help. That is who you need to be deferring to right about now.

RMFW Law can be combative or cordial - we know when to be what!

Legal counselors specializing in medico-legal cases routinely investigate and subsequently litigate incidents of botched gallbladder surgery.

The team at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP or RMFW Law regularly consults with astute medical experts in gastro-intestinal surgery who help it to identify the facts and to determine if medical malpractice has indeed happened. Based on this, a suit is filed, the client is represented properly in a court of law by this mighty law firm team and fair compensation is achieved for losses the client has suffered.

Moreover, we work on a contingency basis and no fees are charged you, the client, until compensation is won. We thoroughly investigate and analyze your circumstances first before opening this window and filing your suit.

At our first free consultation and evaluation session, we'll look at the merits of your case. Because this is a medical malpractice situation, we will need to defer to some surgeons we know. If one of them supports your claim, then we have a case. Give us a ring at 212-344-1000. We'll visit you if you can't come to us.

RMFW Law knows how to win these types of cases. We have won millions of dollars for past clients, you too can be on this amazing and poignant list. Call us today!


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