Bronx resident Alison Hugh was left permanently disabled after a botched thigh lift surgery by NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Ferdinand Ofodile. The procedure went wrong with no chance of a corrective surgery either. Hugh sued the surgeon, and a New York jury awarded her $60 million for her pain and suffering, both past and future.

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Michael Beloyianis and Virginia Beaton lost their 22-year old son, Edward Beloyianis, in 2010, years after he had a spinal surgery to fix an abnormality. The botched surgery left him impaired, eventually causing his death. Edward's parents sued the New York Presbyterian Children's Hospital and one of its surgeons over preventable problems that may have saved their son from paralysis and subsequent death eight years later. The jury ordered the defendants to pay $45.6 million to the victim’s parents for the suffering and pain caused by medical negligence. 

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The New York City Supreme Court awarded Pomona resident Patricia Jones and her husband $55.9 million in damages after spinal surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern allegedly left Jones a quadriplegic. The medical malpractice lawsuit alleged that surgeons George Alexander Jones and Daniel Spitzer committed medical malpractice that resulted in Jones’ botched spinal surgery. The plaintiffs held the surgeons responsible for a series of medical failures that caused Jones a lifetime of despair and handicap. 

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Famed for giving lip injections to Snooki from the Real Housewives of Jersey Shore, plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir Rice faces a lawsuit for a botched nose job. Arevik Khurdayan, 34, went to the doctor to fix her deviated septum. The surgeon and his staff convinced her to undergo a nose job that left her with even more problems.

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Stacey Galette, 30, was awarded $62 million in compensation after a seemingly routine surgery caused her to lose both her legs and most of her hearing. The single mother of one from Brooklyn said that even though she had to wait a while, she was just happy that justice was served to compensate her for her amputations and the consequent suffering.

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