For many American women, childbirth is filled with anxiety. But dying while giving birth isn’t typically top of their mind. 

Until recently, the U.S. has become the most dangerous place for women to give birth. And the latest report by NPR.ORG indicates that pregnancy-related deaths in the U.S. are still rising

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What is a Pregnancy-Related Injury?

A pregnancy-related injury is an injury that a woman sustains during pregnancy, at delivery, or shortly after delivery. These injuries can range from mild to severe with the worst cases resulting in death - known as maternal mortality. 700 women die each year in the United States due to pregnancy-related injuries resulting in maternal mortality.

What is Maternal Mortality?

Maternal Mortality is a term used to explain the deaths of women during their pregnancies and childbirth. Startingly, pregnant women in the United Starts are more likely to be at risk for maternal mortality than in any other developed country.  

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At present, wrongful pregnancy lawsuits are recognized in only 42 of the states in the US. Of these 42 states, a whopping 31 states will not permit damages to be sought for child-raising costs.

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It is essential to the well-being or an unborn child that a mother is properly cared for during her pregnancy. This means not only making sure the mother is doing the basics -- eating right and taking the proper vitamins -- but the doctors caring for the woman also need to be weighing all risk factors when providing care during pregnancy.

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A new clinic hopes to better improve the lives of those with cerebral palsy. The executive director of this clinic, called the Neuromotor Research Clinic, said the idea is for children from around the world to be treated at the clinic with high-intensity therapy.

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