shutterstock_493063300.jpgAccording to a new report by the Nurses Service Organization, there has been a significant increase in malpractice claims against nurses in recent years.

Between January 1st, 2010 and December 31st, 2014, over $90 million was paid in malpractice claims against registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and licensed vocational nurses. According to the report, 85% of claims filed against nurses were against nurses with at least 16 years of practice, but the largest indemnity payments involved nurses with experience of no more than 5 years.

Examples of Nursing Malpractice

In the medical fraternity, almost any professional can be held liable for malpractice. This includes doctors, nurses, and EMTs among a number of other healthcare positions. Nursing negligence, in particular, can concern multiple factors. Some of the most common examples of negligence in nursing include the following:

Failure to Properly Monitor: It is often the nurse's responsibility to monitor patients, keep track of their condition and report any and all changes to the attending physician. These changes are important as they determine what type of medications a patient needs and the appropriate dosage of that medication. If a nurse fails to properly evaluate the condition of a patient and directly causes further injury or harm, that nurse can be held liable for medical malpractice. Instances where this can take place include:

· Missing a change in the patient's vital signs

· Failing to seek a doctor's assistance

· Failing to respond to a patient

Medication Errors: One of the tasks that nurses are responsible for is administering medications to patients. If an in-patient is given the wrong medication or even wrong dosage of the right medicine, the nurse administering the medication can be held responsible for the consequences.

When administering medications, another factor that comes into play is allergies. It is typically the responsibility of the nurse to verify if the patient had any allergies that could potentially cause an allergic reaction if mixed with the prescribed medication.

Errors in Routine Procedures: There are a number of routine procedures that nurses are expected and required to perform, such as:

· Starting an IV

· Checking a patient's blood pressure

· Drawing blood

· Putting in catheters

Although these are routine procedures, nurses should still be aware of their actions and perform these procedures with utmost care. If an error occurs during any process and results in injury or harm to the patient, the nurse could be held responsible.

Errors in Documentation

One of the many duties of a nurse is to record precise and accurate documentation of a patient's condition. Failure to do so can lead to devastating consequences, even death. Examples of documentation errors include:

· Failure to record conditions accurately

· Failure to update changes in patient's progress

· Using incorrect abbreviations or verbiage

RMFW Law Knows Nursing Negligence

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