Legionnaires' disease is a form of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria. It is an infection that can be fatal if not properly treated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, after researchers analyzed cases in New York City and 20 other jurisdictions, the bacterium linked to Legionnaires' disease was found in a number of health care facilities. In fact, of the jurisdictions they studied, they found 16 of them had some cases that came directly from hospitals.

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New York parents-to-be may be interested in learning that about 1.3 children are delivered via cesarean section every single year. However, researchers have determined that approximately half of the C-sections that are performed, which can pose additional risks to both the mother and child, are not even necessary. There are several factors that can help determine whether or not a pregnant woman will undergo a C-section to deliver her child.

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Sepsis is a type of infection that can take place after people have had a viral illness. The condition is capable of becoming fatal for children within just hours. New York parents may be interested to learn of a coalition of hospitals that is battling the issue of sepsis.

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Workers who are experienced at their jobs are highly valued. However, according to a study by psychology researchers from Michigan State University, highly trained workers in New York and elsewhere who work in certain fields can be at risk for making errors when they are interrupted.

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New York residents may be aware that preventable medical deaths occur in hospitals each year in the United States. According to a representative from Health Watch USA, there have been a few reports that have estimated the annual number to be more than 200,000. Some of the preventable conditions that may lead to patient deaths while in a hospital setting include bed ulcers, blood clots and surgical errors.

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