In 2007, Nancy Andrews and her husband sued a Long Island fertility clinic after it was revealed that they had inseminated her with the wrong man’s sperm.

Nancy and her husband approached the New York Services for Reproductive Medicine for in-vitro fertilization treatments after struggling to conceive their second child. Nancy became pregnant soon after and gave birth to a healthy baby girl nine months later. The couple’s joy quickly turned to bewilderment, however, when it became apparent that the girl had markedly darker skin than either of her parents.

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In 2017, army veteran Richard Hopkins, aged 65, of Davenport died after developing a post-surgery infection at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Iowa City. His family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in June 2019 against the hospital. His family says that the infection that killed him was caused by medical negligence and that at least 3 other patients in the same hospital suffered similar complications.

The hospital negligence lawsuit centers around the fact that Veterans Affairs hospital in Iowa City illegally hired a neurosurgeon, John Henry Schneider, who has a history of medical malpractice allegations and whose medical license had been revoked in Wyoming in 2014 due to allegations of poor patient care. The hospital hired Schneider in 2017 at an annual salary of $385,000 despite knowing his past and that there is a federal law stipulating that doctors whose state licenses have been revoked cannot work for the Veterans Affairs hospitals no matter the state that it is in.

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In 2008, a woman named Esmin Green died in the waiting room of Brooklyn’s King's County Hospital Center in full view whilst hospital personnel did nothing to assist her. Ms. Green was a 49-year-old Jamaican immigrant who was admitted to the hospital as a psychiatric patient. She had been waiting for nearly 24 hours in the hospital’s waiting room before collapsing onto the waiting room floor due to a blood clot.

Hospital staff failed to provide basic medical care to Ms. Green and then tried to cover up their neglect. However, the incident was caught on one of the hospital’s cameras. The New York Civil Liberties Union and other lawyers were able to use this footage in a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital for hospital negligence.

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Oftentimes, there is confusion regarding hospital negligence and other forms of medical malpractice. Unlike other types of medical negligence, hospital negligence is not related to individual physicians; but it involves improper conduct on the part of hospital administration or hospital employees which results in physical injury to you or a family member.

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People in New York who have to seek medical care at the hospital may be better served by not going in the afternoon. Like in other occupations, people who work in the hospital are likely to experience fatigue and a reduction in productivity after lunch. However, when nurses and doctors experience fatigue, the outcome can be life-threatening.

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