In 2012, a 48-year older man named Richard Shouldis informed his doctor that he was experiencing worsening symptoms of panic attacks, depression, fatigue, excessive worry, difficulty concentrating, and weight loss.

Richard was already taking several medications for anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbances, yet his doctor failed to recognize that his depressive and self-destructive state was getting progressively worse. In fact, Richard’s family revealed that he was so agitated and disturbed in the week leading up to his suicide that his doctor should have immediately sent him to a psychiatrist or the hospital.

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In 2011, Sonia Natera checked into the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center due to severe abdominal pain. This pain was so severe that Sonia couldn’t even lie down and walked to and from an examination room while in the company of a second-year resident. It was expected that Sonia was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy, and when she complained of dizziness, the residence left to find a more senior doctor for assistance. It was during this time that Sonia lost consciousness and fell.

Sonia sustained serious injuries as a result of her fall and had to undergo neck and elbow surgery, the cost of which caused her to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit. According to her medical malpractice attorney, the hospital departed from good and accepted medical practice by allowing Sonia to walk, and then leaving her standing up unattended after that.

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In 2003, Bee Gee’s frontman Maurice Gibb died at Mount Sinai Hospital from health complications that were causing him stomach pain. He had been in the hospital for three days and was scheduled to have an in-depth examination the following day. Sadly, his intestine burst and flooded his body with toxins that caused him to go into cardiac arrest and resulted in his death.

Following his death, Gibb’s brothers consulted with medical malpractice lawyers to file a medical malpractice lawsuit to take action against the hospital for hospital negligence. It was their belief that doctors did not detect that Gibb had a twisted bowel, which was further complicated by his admission into the VIP ward on the eighth floor, as opposed to the third floor where the hospital’s emergency equipment was housed.

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In 1994, a young woman named Laura Gonzalez gave birth to a baby boy at Flushing Hospital Medical Center. Unfortunately, what should have been an event filled with joy quickly turned into tragedy when Laura’s son suffered severe brain damage as well as extensive mental and physical impairments due to hypoxia.

As a result of this birth injury, Laura filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Flushing Hospital Medical Center in 1995 and the on-call physician in 1996. She alleged negligence for not identifying the signs of fetal distress or responding to the signs of fetal distress in both instances. These two actions were consolidated for a joint trial in 1997. Had the surgeon acted timeously, Laura would have undergone an emergency cesarean section, which would have prevented her baby’s injuries.

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In September 2001, famous sportswriter and broadcaster, Dick Schaap, admitted himself into a New York City hospital for a routine hip replacement surgery. Unfortunately, no one could possibly have predicted that he would never come home.

According to Trish, Dick’s wife, he had previously had a hip-replacement surgery, which he recovered from quickly and only needed to spend five days in the hospital. Naturally, Dick and Trish had no concerns going forward with the second hip-replacement surgery, especially since the surgery would be performed by the same surgeon at the same hospital.

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