During a cataract surgery, the affected lens in a human eye is usually replaced by an artificial lens to improve the quality of vision. As this surgery has been fine-tuned over several decades, the vast majority of patients undergoing cataract report perceptibly improved vision after the surgery. But the sheer frequency and high volume of cataract surgery conducted by New York eye surgeons every year leave a high probability of medical malpractice.

Common examples of cataract surgery leading to medical malpractice

Here are some commonly experienced adverse conditions following a cataract surgery in NY:

The usual complications that effect cataract surgery patients are swelling or corneal edema, swelling around the middle of the retina, dislocation of newly implanted lens, myopia or hyperopia due to incorrect eye measurements, and cyanopsia, or a condition that leads to a blue tint in vision. Apart from these, some serious problems that can follow a cataract surgery include:

  • A rupture in the posterior capsule of the natural lens during surgery, although the chances are low.
  • Where certain pathological conditions indirectly affect the patient's vision after the cataract surgery.
  • A "cloud" in the back lens capsule leading to blurred vision, but this condition can be rectified with laser treatment.
  • An incision in the cornea during the cataract surgery leading to infection in the eye tissues.
  • The dislocation of the retina from the vitreous part of the eye during the surgery.
  • Glaucoma characterized by swelling and blood pressure in the eye. Patients having Diabetes may suddenly develop this condition during cataract surgery.
  • Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome or TASS, which is basically an inflammation in the eye causing vision problems.

Available legal help in NY for cataract surgery leading to medical malpractice

All of the above conditions will lead to either serious eye infection, blood pressure in the eye, blurred vision, or even gradual blindness in some cases. Thus, if you, the patient, face any of the above situations after a cataract surgery, you have legitimate grounds for bringing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

With your submitted medical reports and eye treatment history records, the NY malpractice lawyers will try to ascertain certain facts about your case. Generally, a qualified eye expert with much experience in cataract surgery will be inducted into the legal team to evaluate the following facts:

1. Whether you needed the cataract surgery on the first place.

2. Whether any procedure during the surgery caused the problem after the cataract surgery.

3. Whether your eye surgeon examined your eyes following surgery and was able to diagnose the problem right away.

4. Whether the eye surgeon conducted any necessary remedial treatment to rectify the problem

Any kind of surgical error or failure to diagnose a problem after the cataract surgery can cause serious vision problems for the patient. Thus, any such error or post-surgical diagnosis failure will be deemed as medical negligence on the part of the New York eye surgeon. These kinds of cases will lead to a solid case of cataract surgery leading to medical malpractice.

The compensation you receive can vary widely, depending on the type and magnitude of your vision problem after the surgery, the availability of circumstantial evidence, and the skill of your New York lawyers to build a convincing case.

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