Did you know that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States?

According to a study by patient safety researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine published in the BMJ, medical errors in hospitals and other health care facilities are unbelievably common and may rank third among the leading causes of death in the US - claiming 251,000 lives annually, which is more than respiratory disease, Alzheimer's, stroke, and accidents. Hospital negligence in New York is one of the medical errors that you can sue for.

When can You File a Lawsuit Against a Hospital for Negligence?

When you are mistreated by staff members at a hospital, can you sue the hospital for medical malpractice? In most cases, hospitals are responsible when their employees commit negligence. However, your medical malpractice lawyer will explain to you that in certain cases, the hospital cannot be held liable.

Malpractice by Staff

If the acts of negligence that the staff of a hospital commits cause the injury of a patient, the hospital will always be deemed liable. Typically, such staff members will include nurses, paramedics, medical technicians, hospital employees, and many more.

Therefore, if there is any event when one of these professionals in a hospital setting commits a serious error, the hospital can be held responsible for their neglect. This falls under the category of hospital negligence, making it viable and possible for a patient to sue the hospital for medical malpractice.

Malpractice by Doctors

In most cases, if a doctor carries out an act of medical negligence, the hospital can be let off the hook. However, if the doctor is an employee of the hospital, it can be held responsible for the doctor's actions. You should keep in mind that doctors are rarely employees of a hospital and not assume that the hospital is liable if the doctor makes a serious error.

However, there is an exception to this rule. If the hospital does not clearly inform the patient that the doctor is not an actual employee, the patient can file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital for the doctor's negligence. In an attempt to avoid this problem, hospitals use admission forms to inform patients that the doctor is not its employee.

Patients who are injured by a doctor's negligence in the emergency room can sue for hospital negligence in New York or medical malpractice. This is because in an ER, the hospital does not usually have the opportunity to inform patients that the doctor is not an employee. Also, in a few states, the law says that a patient can file a lawsuit for emergency room malpractice regardless of what they were told or believed about the employment status of a doctor.

We Know How to Handle Hospital Negligence in New York

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