New York parents-to-be may be interested in learning that about 1.3 children are delivered via cesarean section every single year. However, researchers have determined that approximately half of the C-sections that are performed, which can pose additional risks to both the mother and child, are not even necessary. There are several factors that can help determine whether or not a pregnant woman will undergo a C-section to deliver her child.

There are cases when a C-section can be a life-saving procedure. For example, it may be necessary if the placenta is blocking the cervix. A C-section may also be required if the fetus is not positioned properly or if there are multiple babies. However, most pregnancies are low risk and do not necessitate this method for giving birth.

There are several ways that pregnant women can reduce the risk of having an unnecessary C-section. They can choose to deliver their children at hospitals that have lower C-section rates. Pregnant mothers can also stay at home during the early part of their labor, making sure to discuss when they should arrive at the hospital with their doctors. It may also be beneficial to consider using a midwife if the pregnancy is low-risk.

A C-section is a major surgery that carries numerous risks, including organ injury, hemorrhage and other surgical complications. Even though a vaginal birth is the safest delivery method for women with low-risk pregnancies, hospitals sometimes perform unnecessary C-sections, putting both the mothers and infants at risk. Those who suffer damages or serious complications as a result of unneeded surgeries or substandard hospital care may be eligible to seek compensation. A medical malpractice attorney may assist with litigating specific cases where hospital negligence was evident.


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