Patients could slip, fall, and injure themselves during their stay in a hospital. Falls are usually caused due to hazards in the walkways, improper maintenance of hospital surroundings, and wet floors that do no warn passers-by about dangers of slipping, among others. Sometimes falls can be a result of medical negligence, which may involve a lawsuit being filed by the injured person.

Falls that Result from Malpractice

For a hospital fall to be deemed a consequence of medical malpractice, the injured person must establish his relationship with a physician, and that he has been taking treatment in the hospital where he was injured. When substantial evidence is provided highlighting the act of negligence by a medical staff in the hospital that led to the fall, it is considered a fall by medical malpractice.

Causes for Hospital Falls

The following are common causes of falls by medical malpractice in a hospital:

· Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose

§ When a physician fails to identify and treat a stroke or similar debilitating conditions that can cause confusion or poor mobility for the patient

§ When the patient's bed is not equipped with adequate safety measures like railing or handles

§ When the patient is left unattended in a hospital

· Failure to identify that the patient has a high risk of falling

§ When a medical facility fails to provide the necessary assistance and attention to patients with complaints such as arthritis, dehydration, lightheadedness, dizziness, vertigo, blood pressure, and other conditions that may affect their mobility

· Polypharmacy

§ When the healthcare provider prescribes multiple medications to the patient that may have a negative reaction with each other when consumed simultaneously, causing the patient to fall or injure himself in any way in the hospital

§ Wrong or improper administration of drugs (or dosage) that can cause dizziness or drowsiness in a patient, leading to falls and injuries

· Poor lighting in a particular area in the hospital that limits visibility of a patient

· Poor communication between hospital units

· Improper usage of barricades and restraints

Legal Remedy for Hospital Slips and Falls

When a patient slips and falls in a hospital premise due to unsafe conditions or hazards in the walking area, a lawsuit of premises liability can be filed. For instance, when a patient with a fractured arm slips and falls on a water puddle due to a leaky ceiling, the lawsuit filed can claim premises liability.

When a patient with vertigo slips on clean and dry floor while visiting the restroom by himself, the case becomes that of medical negligence, as the patient was left unattended when he is suffering from a condition that affects his mobility.

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