An international team of researchers has identified a biomarker associated with interstitial cystitis, a painful bladder disease that demands constant urination. Through the process of DNA methylation analysis, researchers found biomarkers in the urine of people with IC that could improve the ability of physicians in New York to diagnose the disease accurately and early.

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Mitochondria, which are found in all cells except red blood cells, provide a majority of the body's energy. When mitochondria become diseased, therefore, they can affect almost any part of the body and cause a wide range of symptoms to arise. Patients in New York who suffer from a mitochondrial disease are probably aware that their conditions are difficult to diagnose.

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New York residents may be interested in learning about cerebrospinal fluid leaks and how this condition may be misdiagnosed. One woman was in an automobile accident in 2013. She remembers hitting her head during the accident, and soon after, she noticed that her nose was constantly running.

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Anyone in New York who has suffered from a fungal skin infection should know about a survey recently published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. A dermatologist from George Washington University along with colleagues in clinical research have shown that fungal skin infections are all too frequently misdiagnosed.

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Physicians in New York have many resources that they can use to help determine the types of tests and diagnoses patients need. Mobile health applications are one of the tools that may help improve how physicians make diagnostic decisions. However, many of them have not been clinically evaluated.

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