New Yorkers who suffer brain injuries may fall into vegetative or minimally conscious states. For people who have prolonged periods of problems with consciousness, getting the proper diagnosis is vital for their chances of recovery. Now, guidelines have been released for the proper diagnosis of people who are in minimally conscious or vegetative states.

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New York residents and others may have heard of something called hand, foot and mouth disease. It is an ailment that causes symptoms such as a rash, fever and blisters. It can also cause a person to feel tired for several days. While the symptoms generally go away after a few days, children can remain contagious for several weeks after this happens. Generally, the condition afflicts young children, but is possible for adults to get it too.

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Doctors in New York and around the country are increasingly discouraging the practice of taking X-rays when children have abdominal pain. Overall, the practice of medicine changes with the evolution of science and the collection of evidence that points to a particular treatment method. However, while it is highly uncommon for doctors in adult emergency medicine to give an X-ray to patients who arrive complaining of abdominal pain, they are commonly given to pediatric patients.

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The effects of a debilitating stroke can be greatly reduced when patients in New York and around the country receive thrombosis quickly. Thrombosis, which is also known as thrombolytic therapy, breaks down blood clots to relive pressure on the brain. However, accurately identifying stroke victims can be difficult for even experienced emergency room doctors as several other conditions present similar symptoms. Doctors at the Helsinki University Hospital studied 1,015 cases involving possible stroke victims to determine whether or not the pressure to generate a speedy diagnosis was affecting their accuracy, and they discovered that only two of these patients received thrombosis unnecessarily.

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Although breast cancer is among the most common form of cancer among woman, it is possible to treat the cancer and survive. However, some patients in New York and elsewhere have lesions that are hard to detect, which can make it harder to treat in time. A project called MAMMA is turning to computers to help find those lesions and obtain positive outcomes for patients.

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