When it's suspected that a New York patient has interstitial lung disease (ILD), diagnosis typically involves invasive techniques such as checking a tissue sample and performing a bronchoscopy with specialized instruments to view airways. According to a study specific to ILD and similar pulmonary conditions, routine rheumatology assessments may minimize the need for more invasive diagnostic procedures in some instances. Researchers also believe diagnosis accuracy may be improved with adjustments to testing processes.

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When New York men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, doctors might also use a test known as prostate-specific membrane antigen positron emission tomography imaging to determine whether the cancer has metastasized. When PSMA is detected as a highly expressive enzyme in tissue, it can be an indication that the cancer is spreading.

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People in New York typically approach eye doctors when they are experiencing eye pain or vision problems. Time constraints on doctors and their failure to think about alternative diagnoses could result in diagnostic mistakes when patients present with symptoms somewhat out of the ordinary. An analysis of 122 patients diagnosed with acute optic neuritis and referred to a university neuro-ophthalmology clinic determined that 59.8 percent of them had received the wrong diagnosis.

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Some older people in New York who are in the early stages of age-related macular degeneration may not be properly diagnosed. A study by researchers at the University of Alabama, Birmingham that was published in "JAMA Ophthalmology" found that one quarter of patients who had signs of the condition were not diagnosed.

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Coverys, the provider of liability insurance for medical practitioners, has released a report that may be of interest to New York residents. After studying over 10,000 radiology-related medical liability claims filed between 2013 and 2017, researchers found that the misinterpretation of clinical tests was behind 80 percent of all diagnosis-related claims.

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