New York patients who are diagnosed with mesothelioma may want to think about switching to a specialist. Mesothelioma is a complex form of cancer, and in some cases, a person might benefit from working with a doctor who has experience treating the disease.

There are several advantages to choosing a specialist with experience in treating mesothelioma. While some cancers have fairly standard approaches to treatment in place, this is not the case with mesothelioma. Furthermore, a doctor who specializes in the disease might be more likely than a person's primary care physician to know about upcoming clinical trials or experimental treatments.

Even if a specialist is experienced in treating mesothelioma, that doctor may not be the right one. When a patient is going to have complex treatment from a specialist, the doctor and patient need to be a good fit for one another. This is not just a matter of the patient's comfort although that is important. In some cases, a mismatch could ultimately result in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

One way this might happen is if a doctor is brusque and dismissive of a patient's observations and questions about the illness. If a doctor is incapable of listening to a patient, this raises the risk of an error being made. For example, a doctor might misread test results that would have been clearer had the doctor paid attention to the patient's self-reported symptoms. This could present a significant health setback for a patient with mesothelioma, including delayed treatment. If this occurs, the patient may want to explore the options that are available with an attorney who has experience with these matters.


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