shutterstock_299427884.jpgAccording to the CDC, there were 18.4 million people with asthma in the United States in 2015 - this means 7.6% of adults in the country had asthma. The same year, 6.2 million or 8.4% of children in the US had asthma. In 2013, there were 1.6 million visits to emergency departments in US hospitals with asthma as the primary diagnosis.

What is Asthma Misdiagnosis?

Asthma is a chronic disease that results in the airways to become narrow and inflamed, which in turn leads to recurrent symptom flare-ups like coughing and wheezing. When patients are diagnosed with asthma, they may need to take medication to manage their condition throughout their lifetime.

However, there have been recent studies showing that misdiagnosis of asthma occurs significantly more than people previously thought. In fact, some patients have discovered that they do not have asthma only after having taken asthma medications for more than 10 years or so.

In some cases, patients who are misdiagnosed with asthma will actually be suffering from one of the following conditions:

· Sinus infection

· Viral infection

· Obstruction of airways

· Vocal cord dysfunction

· Cystic fibrosis

· Heart failure

· Enlarged lymph nodes

· Pulmonary embolism

· Bronchopulmonary dysplasia

· Acid reflux

· Cancer

Dangers of Asthma Misdiagnosis

Misdiagnosis of asthma can have serious implications on the patient's health. When a person is misdiagnosed and undergoes medical treatment for a condition they do not have, they are at risk for side effects and complications from the treatment and the medications prescribed to them. Systemic steroid medications can cause a number of side effects including:

· Acne

· Weakness

· Upset stomach

· Weight gain

More serious side effects of asthma misdiagnosis and taking the wrong medications may include vision changes, behavioral changes, mood changes, bone loss, and slow growth in children. The longer the patient uses the medications, the greater the risk of side effects.

Additionally, patients who are misdiagnosed with asthma do not receive treatment for the true cause of their symptoms. The cause, in some cases, may be relatively minor, such as a sinus infection or a viral infection. In other cases, patients may be suffering from an undiagnosed, life-threatening condition, like heart failure or pulmonary embolism.

Who to Sue for Asthma Misdiagnosis

In most cases, you can only sue your doctor, or the primary physician, for misdiagnosis of asthma. In rare cases, other medical professionals - lab techs, nurses, or any specialists who may have seen you - may also be liable if their negligence contributed or caused the harm you are suffering.

In most cases, the hospital or healthcare facility where the doctor practices cannot be sued for any harm caused to patients as a result of misdiagnosis. The reason for this is that most doctors are independent contractors, which means that they are not employed by the hospital or facility. Therefore, the hospital or facility cannot be held legally liable for the negligence of the doctor.

RMFW Law Knows How to Win Asthma Misdiagnosis Cases

If you or a loved one has been harmed due to asthma misdiagnosis, you should immediately seek the help of a sagacious and wonderful medical malpractice attorney at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff of RMFW Law at 212-344-1000. You can file a lawsuit against the negligent doctor and recover compensation for any damages.

These cases are not easy to win. A medical expert will be required to support your claim or you do not have one. We know where to find a medical expert but there are not any guarantees. Call RMFW Law and let's get started down this road.

We have won millions of dollars for past clients and you too can be on this coveted list. We know how the game is played. Do not yell at the hospital staff, that is pointless. This is now a legal matter and we can help you win it. If someone was negligent or sloppy or both, we need to do something about that. Call us now!


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