Failure to Diagnose and Medical Malpractice

According to a recent study published in the BMJ Quality and Safety journal, about 12 million adults in the United States seeking outpatient medical care are misdiagnosed each year.

This means that 1 out of 20 adult patients are misdiagnosed, which increases the potential to result in serious harm. Medical errors are one of the leading causes of death in the US - this includes failure to diagnose, medication error, anesthesia error, surgery error, and so forth.

What is Failure to Diagnose?

Failure to diagnose refers to an event when your doctor completely misses the link between the symptoms you are suffering and a medical condition, and does not provide you with a course of treatment. In such cases, the end result might be that you do not get the proper medical treatment or care and you suffer a more serious injury or illness.

For example, if a doctor does not diagnose a form of cancer after a patient informs him or her about symptoms they are experiencing, the cancer may develop into an untreatable condition which could be deadly for the patient.

If your doctor breaches the legal duty of care and fails to diagnose your condition due to negligence, you may have a case of medical malpractice in your hands. You can determine whether it is medical malpractice if:

· Your doctor does not enquire about your personal habits and medical history. There are many reasons why this is important, e.g. your doctor should know if you have any risk factors that make it more likely for you to develop a certain medical condition in the future. Your doctor should ask questions like: Does your family have a history of some forms of cancer? Do you smoke?

· Your doctor fails to order the proper screenings or tests for your medical condition.

· Your doctor fails to recognize the symptoms you describe.

· Your doctor misinterprets test results.

If your doctor does not diagnose your condition and this failure to diagnose subsequently causes your condition to become worse and leads to serious health complications, or your condition becomes untreatable, then you definitely have a medical malpractice case. You should immediately seek the help of a stellar and outstanding medical malpractice attorney and find out how to begin your claim or lawsuit against the negligent doctor.

Questions to Ask Your Legal Counselor

If you have a failure to diagnose malpractice case, there are a few questions you should ask your attorney:

· How long does the process for a medical malpractice case take? What are the costs?

· Is there anything you can do if your insurance company does not pay for medical tests that your doctor has ordered and you end up with a more serious complication or medical condition?

· If you get medical treatment from a negligent doctor in another state, do you have to file the medical malpractice claim or suit in that state or can you file it in your home state?

A Profound Law Firm

A concrete and fantastic medical malpractice attorney will be able to provide clear answers and make sure that your rights are protected. If you or somebody you know of has suffered serious harm or injury due to your doctor's failure to diagnose, you should immediately consult a judicious and dedicated attorney at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff of RMFW Law at 212-344-1000 to obtain compensation.

No one said this is going to be easy. If anyone said this case or any case of this kind is going to be easy they are not telling you the truth. You need to call us. We need to hear what you have to say and then we have to contact a medical expert to see if they are willing to support your claim. We know more than one, no worries. We know how this process works. You need to have a medical expert support your case or there is not a case.

RMFW Law has won millions of dollars for past clients. You can be on this righteous list as well but you need to call us. We can come to you if that is the case to hear what you have to say. Call us now!


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