New York residents who are suffering from foot or ankle injuries may be interested in a recent study that shows the long-term effects of misdiagnoses. In some cases, patients who have had their foot and ankle injuries misdiagnosed can suffer from arthritis or even disability later on.

The study covered several common foot and ankle injuries including snowboarder's fracture, turf toe, trigonum injuries and others. Researchers noted that when these types of injuries are left untreated, they can ultimately cause severe long-term pain. If the injuries are not properly treated, the patient is more likely to suffer reoccurring foot and ankle problems that can have a negative impact on their quality of life.

To prevent future problems for patients, the authors of the study suggested that doctors who are unsure of a diagnosis should obtain additional imaging of the joint in question. Otherwise, they may be able to get a second opinion from an orthopedic surgeon. Once a proper diagnosis is given, the patient can then determine the best route for fixing the problem, whether that be through rest, medication or even surgery.

When a patient suffers a foot or ankle injury, they should be able to rely on their doctor's diagnosis. If the doctor provides inappropriate care based off misread test results, and this causes harm to the patient, an attorney may assist. The lawyer may look at the evidence to determine if the patient has a case for medical malpractice. If the evidence is sufficient, the attorney may use expert witness testimony to provide additional proof that the doctor did not provide proper care.


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