Hundreds of thousands of adults and children suffer from one or other symptoms of the dreaded disease termed Cerebral Palsy. According to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation of USA, thousands of children are diagnosed every year. It is in fact, the most widespread developmental disability found among children in the country.

The Causes

For the most part, the cause of cerebral palsy remains congenital by nature with the condition developing during pregnancy, due to several reasons, such as injury, disease, or positioning. In some cases, the ailment is caused by injury or disease in early childhood such as shaken baby syndrome, at a time when the brain is in its formation stage.

Cerebral palsy can also be due to a birth injury. Speaking about birth injuries, the condition is caused by a shortage of oxygen in a child's brain during delivery or labor. Sometimes, this debilitating birth injury is inevitable and not due to any fault of the healthcare provider in attendance, although at other times, it is indeed.


Cerebral palsy signifies a medical term covering numerous neurological disorders that hinders body movement as well as muscle coordination. As infants are born "floppy", the condition isn't diagnosed at childbirth. It is only when the infants are unable to meet some development milestones that the condition becomes apparent. Such development milestones consist of an infant's inability to suck in the right manner, sit up or roll over on schedule, and support his/her head. Some infants fail to receive a confirmed diagnosis of cerebral palsy until age 2 or 3.

The symptoms of cerebral palsy can be severe or mild. This includes the inability to control overall body movement, including rigid, spastic, shaky or slow legs and arms. It can damage brain function, hearing and vision as well. Other typical signs include difficulty in speaking, eating, swallowing and excessive drooling.

Medical Malpractice

Cerebral palsy can also be the result of medical errors caused by the lack of conveying oxygen to an infant's brain and can include:

· Failure to notice or treat infections properly at the time of pregnancy

· Failure to rightly monitor the fetal heart rate, prior to as well as during labor and birth

· Failure to noticed if the umbilical cord is prolapsed

· Failure to schedule and perform a cesarean section, when it is found that an infant is too large for a normal and safe delivery

· Delay in the performing or not performing a medically essential cesarean section

· Negligence as well as unreasonable errors when using instruments such as forceps and vacuum while delivering a baby.

A Lifetime of Care

Cerebral palsy cannot be considered a disease, but a condition without a cure. It needs medicine, therapies, surgeries as well as adaptive equipment, which can cost up $1 million and more. According to medical malpractice lawyers, a medical review help determine whether your infant's cerebral palsy was due to the result of negligence on the part of the healthcare provider, and if there are sufficient grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The issues concerning cerebral palsy as well as medical malpractice tend to be very complicated, as any medical malpractice lawyer will tell you. Furthermore, the facts about every case and the laws in every condition remain specific to the condition.

This Law Firm Rises above the Rest

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