A New York resident who spends time in the hospital is likely to be treated by a hospitalist at some point. Although this specialty has only been around for approximately 20 years, the role of the hospitalist is prominent in patient care. This party typically acts much like a primary care physician in overseeing and coordinating the involvement of other specialists during a patient's stay.

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Medical malpractice involving a child can have a devastating effect on the lives of both the parent and child. Children are vulnerable and more often than not do not understand what is happening with them. While adults can at least vocalize and have the ability to question medical treatment, children simply do not enjoy this luxury. Even in pain children are pacified and made to trust doctors and nurses treating them.

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Cancer patients in New York might be surprised to learn that, since 1970, a doctor has been treating patients with antineoplastons, for which there is insufficient evidence to prove that they work. Despite being backed by actress Suzanne Somers and famous surgeon Dr. Oz, the Texas Medical Board has investigated the doctor, and he could lose his license for medical misconduct.

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When it comes to injuries caused by medical malpractice during emergency medical care, there are special rules that apply. "First responders" are protected by state laws from most lawsuits. And although there are no such protections for doctors and nurses in the emergency room, the very nature of emergencies lowers the professional expectation to avoid medical mistakes.

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When a person undergoes a surgical procedure, no matter how simple or complex, there is always a chance of risk. The risk stems not just from the medical procedure, but also from the process of administering anesthesia and patient care.

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