You went to your doctor because of a little ache that was getting in the way of your happiness, or preventing you from doing your job at the law office where you work. You did everything the doctor said for the headaches and the cramps, but now you're suffering far worse than before.

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A recent study published by JAMA Internal Medicine sheds some light into how the gender of a doctor may play a role in the quality of health care for patients in New York and across the U.S. The information suggests that patients treated by female physicians have a greater chance of living after being discharged from a hospital. Additionally, the study revealed that patient deaths are higher when they are treated by male doctors.

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A proposal regarding an increase in shift hours for new residents at hospitals in California and across the country is being pushed by a doctors' training group. The change from 16 to 28 hours appear to be good in terms of preparing new residents for full time work. However, it could create dangerous situations for patients who need doctors to be alert during urgent times. There is prevailing evidence that has indicated that lengthy work shifts and exhaustion are primary factors of doctors' errors as well as car accidents.

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Most people are familiar with the Hippocratic Oath by which all doctors and medical professionals live. But a doctor's duty to make the best judgments possible and to do no harm is often mired by the looming threat that if they fail to meet these expectations, they could face litigation as a result.

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The BMJ has published a study indicating that medical errors result in between 200,000 and 400,000 deaths annually across the United States. The BMJ estimate took into account diagnostic errors, communications breakdowns, systems failures, inadequate skill and poor judgment. The focus of the study was fatalities that occur secondary to a medical error, and many occurred in New York.

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