Medical malpractice lawsuits in recent years have revealed that there are certain root causes for medical errors, some of which include:

  1. Communication Problems

Breakdowns in communication are one of the most common causes of medical errors. This includes both verbal and written communications between doctors, nurses, hospitals, patients, and the healthcare system.

  1. Inadequate Flow of Information

Where there is a communication breakdown there is also an inadequate flow of information. Ultimately, the information necessary to your care is not successfully transmitted between the service areas providing that care. This can even happen when you are moved to another facility or discharged.

Without the adequate flow of information, healthcare professionals won’t have access to the information crucial to treating you and there will also not be good communication of your test results. Coordination of prescribing decisions, medication orders, and transfer of care will not happen which can be very dangerous for you as a patient.

  1. Staffing Patterns and Workflow

Staffing shortages increase the risk of medical errors occurring due to the pressure and time constraints that healthcare workers will experience when there is too much work to be done and not enough staff to do it. This creates an environment in which healthcare professionals are more likely to make a mistake.

  1. Inadequate Policies

Poorly constructed protocols and other important documentation can lead to inadequate procedures which makes the occurrence of medical errors more likely.

  1. Organizational Transfer of Knowledge

Poor teamwork, continuous education, and training of staff can lead to staff having insufficient knowledge and skills necessary for providing optimal care. If new employees do not receive guidance, education, and training in the specific department where they will be working, then the likelihood of medical errors occurring increases.

  1. Human Problems

Given that all human beings make mistakes, medical errors are bound to occur. However, these can be prevented by having documented protocols for processes and procedures, as well as having a transparent standard of care guidelines, and regular staff performance assessments.

  1. Patient-Related Issues

When a healthcare professional fails to educate you on your condition, gain your consent, and assess and treat you inadequately, then it is likely that a medical error will occur.

  1. Technical Failures

Technical failures are a big cause of medical errors due to the complications that they cause before, during, and after procedures, as well as when monitoring you and your well-being.

Legal Matters

Medical malpractice lawsuits generally occur so that you may gain legal consideration for:

  • Compensation
  • Accountability
  • Retribution

If you are seeking legal consideration for a medical error, then it is best to consult with a NYC medical malpractice lawyer who is well-versed in the laws specific to the state. They will then be able to guide you through the basic steps of bringing a medical malpractice lawsuit forward, which include:

  1. Contacting the medical professional involved
  2. Contacting the appropriate medical licensing board
  3. Finding out the Statute of Limitations
  4. Getting a certificate of merit
  5. Discussing the possibility of settling out of court


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