Patients in New York want to believe in their doctor, but even the best health care professionals are still normal people. Hospitals are in the business of healing the sick and injured, but at the end of the day they are still businesses. While neither doctors nor health care administrators will want to admit it, there are a few secrets about the health care industry that can have major impacts on patients' treatments.

It's no secret that medical professionals are often overworked and under a lot of stress on the job. Doctors also tend to make the most money when they see the most number of patients, not on the quality of care given to each patient. While most doctors will do their best for each patient, they do cut corners. This is especially true in primary care, where doctors are often forced to make rushed decisions, often little more than statistical guesses, with little critical thinking time. A misdiagnosis can be costly or fatal to the patient.

Like most people, hospital staff members also value their time off and their weekends. As a result, less experienced and more junior staff or doctors tend to take weekend shifts. A patient may also be much less likely to interact with staff members who are familiar with them and their situations. This can lead to a decrease in the quality of care and an increase in the chance of mistakes being made.

Even with the best preparation, mistakes can and often do happen in hospitals. When a problem occurs that is a result of medical negligence, a patient can file a medical malpractice lawsuit against those responsible. This can include the doctor, other support staff and the hospital itself, depending on the case. An attorney can assist a client in gathering evidence of negligence needed for their case and then help take that case to court if a settlement is not reached.

Source: FOX News, "4 medical secrets doctors don't tell patients", Lacie Glvoer, Jan. 29, 2015


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