Uterine rupture may occur in the form of a tear in the wall of the uterus. It usually arises in the location of the scar of a previous Caesarean section. It may range in severities, from a minor to a compete rupture, severing the entire wall of the uterus. Uterine ruptures are relatively rare, but a patient's risk factors that may contribute to it must be promptly recorded and watched for by the obstetrician.

Uterine rupture must be immediately diagnosed and treated in order to avoid further complications and save the lives of the mother and child. Failure to recognize and treat a uterine rupture can result in severe birth injuries or even death.

A scarred uterus from previous surgeries poses the greatest risk for uterine rupture during delivery. Scars such as any of the following can contribute to a uterine rupture:

· Scarring from a previous c-section

· Hysterectomy scar

· Myomectomy scar/metroplasty scar

· Uterine perforation scar

· Scar from previous surgery to repair a ruptured uterus

Diagnosing a Uterine Rupture

During pregnancy, the obstetrician must perform imaging of any of these scars previously borne by the uterus, and accordingly assess the risks of a uterine rupture during delivery. Periodic checking of the baby's positioning and fetal heart rate will also help determine whether a c-section must be performed right away, or a vaginal delivery can be considered.

The most suitable solution to prevent a uterine rupture is said to be through prophylaxis. The mother's medical history must be closely recorded, and attributing risk factors must be constantly checked for before and during delivery.

Obstetricians must suggest or attempt a vaginal delivery if the mother has had a lower-uterine segment c-section, a previous transverse or has not had any uterine surgery at all. Only after very close and careful assessment of risks and ruling out the possibility of a uterine rupture, can a vaginal delivery be the avenue chosen.

Uterine Rupture by Medical Negligence

Several circumstances can contribute to the occurrence of a uterine rupture. Common examples of medical negligence that can contribute to such an event are:

· Failure to recognize signs of possible uterine rupture

· Delay or failure to recognize the need to perform c-section

· Ignorance of mother's history of previous c-section or other surgeries in the uterus

· Failure to constantly monitor fetal heart rate and positioning

· Failure to recognize fetal distress

· Improperly performed c-section

· Wrong incision

· Improper use of medical technology, tools, and equipment

· Inexperienced or unskilled medical professionals administering a delivery

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