Anesthesia is administered to reduce pain and anxiety during and after surgery. However, it is very important to administer anesthesia cautiously keeping in view the health status of the patient. It is the job of anesthesiologist to assess the health condition of the patient, know about the existing allergies or other medical conditions, and accordingly decide the dosage of an anesthetic drug.

Wrongful administration of anesthesia, the use of the wrong dosage of an anesthetic drug or use of an anesthetic drug that could show negative reactions in the patient can result in complications. Anesthesia allergies often develop due to medical negligence.

Cause for anesthesia allergy

Few people are allergic to certain chemicals and choosing an anesthetic drug containing those chemicals causes the patient to develop severe allergic reactions after administration of anesthesia. In certain cases allergic reactions develop due to cross reactions among drugs the patient is using and the anesthetic drug.

Signs and symptoms of anesthesia allergy

Symptoms of anesthesia allergy depend on the severity of the allergic reactions. Some of the commonly observed signs of anesthetic toxicity include

· Dizziness

· Confused state of mind and lightheadedness

· Change in vision

· Tinnitus or other auditory disturbances

· Uncontrolled muscle twitches

· Seizures

· Numbness

· Heart palpitations

· Progressive drop in blood pressure

· Pain in the chest region

Complications of anesthesia allergy

Complications that develop due to anesthesia allergy can result in death of the patient if prompt care is not given to the patient. For example, giving a wrong anesthetic drug to an epilepsy patient may cause the patient to go in to shock immediately after administration of the drug. If not diagnosed and treated immediately, the patient may die.

Other complications that are generally observed due to anesthesia errors include brain damage, stroke, heart attack, nerve damage, coma and death.

Seek help from a medical malpractice anesthesia allergy attorney

If you have suffered allergic reactions due to medical errors in administering anesthesia then contact medical malpractice attorney and file a personal injury lawsuit. To file the lawsuit the attorney will have to prove medical errors in choosing the anesthetic drug.

A medical expert will analyze the patient's medical history which was available to the doctor, the surgical procedure undergone by the patient, drugs administered to the patient at the time of surgery, post-operative medications used, medical care provided to the patient during the surgery, and other details to prove an anesthesia error. If the medical expert understands that the anesthesiologist has used the wrong drug without knowing the medical condition of the patient then the anesthesiologist can be liable for medical malpractice.

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