A hysterectomy is performed to remove a woman's uterus, and may involve the removal of other reproductive organs too. Hysterectomy is done for various reasons that include:

· Pain or bleeding and other complications caused by uterine fibroids

· Uterine prolapse, a condition where the uterus slips from its normal position into the vaginal canal

· Endometriosis

· Cancer of the cervix, uterus, or ovaries

· Chronic pain in the pelvis

· Uncontrolled and abnormal vaginal bleeding

· Adenomyosis or thickening of the uterus

Hysterectomy is a stressful procedure for the patient, and is performed only when all other treatment options need to be ruled out. An error during a hysterectomy implies life-long complications, continuous treatments, and expensive medications for the patient.

Types of Hysterectomy

Hysterectomies are of different types, depending upon the organs being operated on. Some of them include:

· Supracervical Hysterectomy - This is a partial hysterectomy where only the uterus is removed.

· Total Hysterectomy - this is the most commonly performed hysterectomy procedure, and involves complete removal of the uterus and cervix. The ovaries and/or fallopian tubes are retained.

· Radical Hysterectomy - this procedure may involve a cancer in one of the reproductive organs. It is performed to remove the cervix, uterus, upper portion of the vagina, the tissue around the cervix in the pelvic region, and pelvic lymph nodes.

· Hysterectomy with Salpino-Oophorectomy - This procedure involves the removal of the uterus, cervix, the fallopian tube, as well as one or both the ovaries.

Different techniques and methods are used to conduct a hysterectomy, such as:

· Abdominal hysterectomy

· Vaginal hysterectomy

· Laparoscopic hysterectomy

Hysterectomy Negligence and Errors

Every medical procedure carries a certain amount of risk, and so does a hysterectomy. Some risk factors to be considered before opting for a hysterectomy include:

· Back pain

· Urinary incontinence

· Bladder injury

· Perforation of the bowel or intestine

· Fistula formation - an abnormal growth linking an organ and a bodily structure

· Hemorrhaging or excessive blood loss

· Intestinal obstruction

· Post-hysterectomy infections

· Pain during sexual activities

· Ureter injury

· Vaginal vault granulation - scar tissue growth on the vagina once the cervix is removed

Physicians must inform the patient and his family about the risks involved and the possible repercussions of a hysterectomy, even when it is successful. The most serious error is when a patient undergoes a hysterectomy when she did not have to, i.e., she was misdiagnosed and/or prescribed a hysterectomy due to incorrect diagnosis. Such an error will leave a grave impact on the patient's physical and mental health for the rest of her life.

Legal Support to Recover Damages

When a hysterectomy goes wrong due to negligence, or if the procedure itself was unnecessarily performed due to a misdiagnosis, or when there is a delay in diagnosing and conducting a hysterectomy, the patient's life may be at stake.

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