Most New York parents are told about shaken baby syndrome when they begin to have children. Shaken baby syndrome occurs when a parent or caregiver essentially shakes the baby's brain, causing an injury that could lead to death or serious injuries.

Babies are at serious risk for brain injuries as their neck muscles are too weak to support their own heads and their heads are often large when compared to their body sizes. When a baby is shaken, their head can be whipped back and forth. This causes the brain to hit the sides of the skull. The brain can suffer tears to the tissue, nerves and blood vessels. If the injury is severe enough, the baby's brain could swell or bleed.

There are some symptoms for shaken baby syndrome. If the injuries are mild, the baby may vomit, act sluggishly and they may refuse to eat. More severe injuries may result in hearing trouble, bleeding inside of the eyes and seizures. Although shaken baby syndrome most often occur in children that are younger than one, it can occur in children up to the age of five. It is considered to be child abuse and often occurs when the parent or caregiver is stressed.

When a newborn or a young child suffers a brain injury, there is a possibility that those injuries could result in cognitive or physical problems later in life. If the injuries were caused by a health care practitioner or other hospital employee, an attorney can potentially help the parents with filing a lawsuit seeking compensation for the costs of future necessary medical care.


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