Many things can go wrong during childbirth. Babies can be deprived of oxygen, if the delivery is not performed in a timely fashion. There could also be an issue with the heart rate of the baby, and because nobody has detected the decreased heart rate and the baby is not delivered in time, it can result in serious brain damage that can be permanent. In view of these serious issues, it is important to detect such instances that might have occurred during childbirth.

Being Alert to Defects that could Undermine Your Child's Health

One way of knowing whether there were any problems during childbirth is when your child is not meeting the set milestones in his or her development. It could be anything from not walking, not talking, not making eye contact, or not eating on their own. If you see these things in your child then you should definitely question and wonder why your child is not able to do the things that any normal child starts doing at that age. If nobody were providing you with the answers you seek about your child, then it would be best to consult an attorney, who will be able to investigate and evaluate the treatment you underwent, which may be responsible for causing these symptoms in your child.

Long Term Repercussions

In most instances where something has gone wrong during childbirth, the oxygen supply may be reduced or cut off for some time in your child. This lack of oxygen can cause permanent injuries to the brain. Your kids may have trouble, comprehending things, or may lag behind in class, as they get older. Their ability to perform normal functions on a daily basis could be impaired, and may even require assistance in such activities, depending on the severity of damage caused to the brain. If the condition is serious, they might even become confined to a wheel chair.

Depending on the part of the brain that is affected, the symptoms might vary. Your child might have trouble speaking and might have to undergo speech therapy sessions. Depending on the problem, the affected individual will have to undergo therapy to cope with the situation. For instance, occupational therapy will help the individual do certain types of jobs. Physical therapy might be needed to correct physical abnormalities or for helping in doing various types of daily tasks.

When you start dealing with different types of disabilities in your child, you start wondering why my child has all these issues. How did my child's condition deteriorate to this level? There might several reasonable explanations to tell you why your child is suffering a particular condition. However, one of the explanations could be that something was done improperly at the time of birth.

Ascertaining the Truth

This possibility has to be properly explored and investigated by an experienced medical professional. Such investigation might reveal the main cause of your child's disability due to the brain damage they suffered at childbirth. With such findings a medical malpractice lawyer, will be able to claim damages from the doctors responsible for your child's condition.


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