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Birth injuries are very worrisome, no matter if they are as small as a laceration on the child during birth or a more severe injury such as an HIE brain injury that can leave your child permanently disabled.

In many cases, birth injuries can be attributed to medical malpractice. A small negligence on the part of the physician or medical staff can lead to the child having to live with the result of the error for a lifetime.

Subsequent medical treatment, doctor bills, and other treatment plans can get quite expensive over the years. Thankfully, parents of victims of birth injuries can file a birth injury lawsuit in New York against the responsible party, and may stand eligible to receive rightful compensation.

How does filing a birth injury lawsuit in New York help?

Most parents are reluctant to file a birth injury lawsuit for the fear of lengthy cases and repeat visits to the court. They prefer devoting their time to caring for their child than getting mangled in a messy lawsuit. Parents are forced to decide between juggling medical appointments, therapy, and daily caring for the child versus a fighting a lawsuit.

However, the law has been amended and changed to the benefit of such victims and experienced birth injury attorneys can help make a lawsuit as stress free as possible. And, many law firms, also work on a contingency fee basis, which means they will take a payment only after you receive a settlement. Filing a birth injury lawsuit in New York, helps families receive a decent financial compensation that can help in the treatment of the child's treatment tremendously.

A birth injury lawsuit in New York can help you and your family recover damages for:

  • Current, future, and past medical expenses
  • A percentage of health care costs, covering therapy, rehabilitation, and even specialized medical equipment
  • Lost wages due to absence from work due to providing care for a disabled child
  • Pain, suffering, and also emotional distress for the victim and family.

Life care plans

The biggest benefit that comes from filing a birth injury lawsuit in New York is life care plans. Filing a lawsuit entitles you to receive life care plan. Most injuries tend to require some form of treatment or another. If your child's injury is small like a bruise or laceration, you may need to spend money and time on obtaining an x-raying and other such medical imaging tests to ascertain that there isn't any internal damage.

And, if your child's injury is a lot more severe, you will have to bear the costs of several tests, appointments with specialists, therapists, medication and supplies. Some parents may also have to invest in adaptive equipment. If your child's condition is severe, and you need to seek in-home care, you will also have to deal with annually climbing costs of this support system.

A Life Care Plan takes all of these financial considerations into account after consulting a number of medical professionals. An estimate of how much you will need to keep your child healthy over the course of his lifetime is made. Courts gladly grant this money to the parents and children via Life Care plans.

This allows parents of disabled children the choice to leave their job to take care of their disabled child full time, without having to worry about having to earn and provide.

You need RMFW Law on your side!

If your child has suffered a birth injury due to the medical negligence of a doctor in New York, you should immediately seek the counsel of a hard charging and profound medical malpractice attorney at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff of RMFW Law at 212-344-1000.

You will not win your case unless a medical expert backs up your claim. You will not even have a case if this does not happen. We have medical experts on standby who would be possibly willing to back up your case if your case is viable. Call us and let's start this process. The first meeting is free and RMFW Law knows how to win these types of cases!

RMFW Law only wins if you win. You pay us nothing up front - we only take a percentage at the end so really you never have to write us a check or wire us any money. We wire the money to you if we win or settle. We do not make any major decisions without your input.

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