The New England Journal of Medicine reports that almost one third of all deliveries in the US are conducted via cesarean-section. During a c-section, a delivery passage in created in the mother's abdomen through incisions to aid the child delivery.

This kind of surgical delivery procedure is used only when the mother's or the baby's safety is at risk. Sometimes doctors fail to respond appropriately to an emergency situation during a C-section procedure, as a result of which the mother or the baby is seriously harmed.

Generally, an OBGY is compelled to deliver a baby via c-section when fetal distress is visible or the labor is unusually long. An unnecessary delay in conducting a c-section can also harm the mother or the unborn baby. On the flip side, a doctor's mishandling of a c-section procedure can also lead to the baby's brain damage or even cerebral palsy. If the baby's parents are sanguine that the doctor's negligence caused the damage to the mother or the child, the father of the child can consult with a medical malpractice attorney to discuss the merits of a medical malpractice case.

Caesarian section: probable complications

As delays in c-section in spite of visible warning signs can cause harm to the mother and the unborn child, the doctors are morally obligated to conduct a c-section. On the flip side, while conducting a c-section, even a minor error in judgment can result in the following injuries to the mother and the child:

Probable injuries to the mother:

· Anesthesia related complications

· Infections

· Hemorrhaging and blood clots

· Malfunctioning of the bladder or bowel

Probable injuries to the baby:

· Lack of oxygen supply

· Premature birth syndromes

· Cerebral damage

· Abrasions leading to scarring

· Fatality

Medical malpractice laws related to faulty C-sections

Anytime a victim's family member can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a doctor's negligence or deviation from standard practice of care during a c-section caused harm to the mother or the baby, the person can sue the hospital, the doctor, and other medical staff present during the baby's delivery for medical malpractice. A standout and judicious law firm can help the victim and her family recover the damages in the form of huge financial compensation, besides complaining to the medical board about the responsible hospital and the doctor.

Medical malpractice law firms can help - one of the best is RMFW Law

In order to satisfy the legal requirements, the victim's husband or another close family member should gather the following evidentiary documents:

1. All pertinent medical records pre and post child delivery

2. Documents specifically related to child delivery

3. Any photos of the child delivery if available. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA enables the patients to access all such documents.

Once the attorney reviews all the documents, he or she can evaluate the merits of the malpractice case. The attorney may even advise the client to submit a formal complaint against the negligent hospital and the doctor to the state medical board.

In the state of New York, specialized medical malpractice attorneys have long experience in handling c-section malpractice cases. They work in tandem with medical experts to evaluate the medical information, and with financial experts to estimate the monetary value of damages caused to the mother and the baby.

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