Mothers- and fathers-to-be place a lot of trust in doctors and medical staff when it comes to the delivery of a healthy baby. Sometimes, unavoidable issues occur during pregnancy that result in birth problems or unhealthy infants. In some cases, obstetric negligence results in the injury or death of a baby. For one couple, brain injuries following the delivery of their baby resulted in tragic consequences.

The baby girl was born on Dec. 28. According to reports, the physician attempted to deliver the baby with forceps. The family believes the forceps caused skull fractures and brain injuries that later resulted in the baby's death.

The baby was brought to another facility shortly after birth. She was put on life support. At the family's request, the infant was removed from life support on Jan. 2. She died within two hours.

The family is planning to sue the physician who delivered the baby. According to reports, the physician failed to conduct a cesarean section in a timely manner. The baby was eventually delivered by emergency cesarean section.

The couple has launched a Facebook page to raise awareness about the dangers of forceps delivery. According to statistics, it's rare to use forceps in modern birthing. In fact, forceps are used in less than one percent of cases. The couple wants to see a law enacted that makes forcep-assisted delivery illegal.

Although it is not illegal to use forceps in a birth at this time, the facts of this case seem to indicate that there are mitigating factors. Negligence or error on the part of a physician or other professional in the delivery room can result in birth injury or death. In such cases, families may be able to seek compensation for losses and expenses.

Source: 12 News, "Baby Olivia pulled off life support, dies from injuries parents say she received at birth" No author given, Jan. 01, 2014


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