Any parent would be devastated to know that their baby has suffered injury or has a medical complication because of c-section mistakes. Healthcare professionals and doctors in the delivery room have a fantastic responsibility of safe and sound delivery of an infant.

But their negligence and careless mistakes could not just inflict serious damage to the baby but also to the mother. You can file a medical malpractice lawsuit in New York for damages caused by c-section mistake if your baby is diagnosed with birth injuries.

Common c-section mistakes to be aware of:

Procedural mistakes; negligence or incompetence of hospital staff: The baby could suffer trauma during a Cesarean delivery if the physician is not careful enough. Carrying out the procedure in an improper manner, negligent use of surgical equipment, mishandling the proceedings or breach of hospital protocol are some of the mistakes that could injure the baby.

Delayed emergency c-section: If the c-section is not performed in time the results could be catastrophic. The OB/GYN sometimes may call for an emergency c-section and when this is indicated the attending professionals need to prep and perform the procedure stat. An emergency can arise if there is fetal distress or if there are other complications. If not performed immediately the baby may suffer serious brain damage or even death due to lack of oxygen.

Inadequate equipment or failure to have necessary professionals: The hospital needs to be well-equipped with both equipment and personnel if there is a high-risk pregnancy case at hand. Delay and complications can be avoided if this is in place.

Potential risks for mothers

Even the best of the best doctors could never guarantee you a completely risk-free c-section procedure. Infections, bleeding, and internal organ damage are some of the risks one should be aware of. Both the unborn child and the mother can suffer complications such as nerve damage, heart, lung, or brain damage, bowel lacerations, blood clots, or even death.

Seeking legal assistance

Even though no amount of money could make up for the pain and suffering caused to your child, the compensation from a medical malpractice claim could be useful for your past and future medical bills, rehabilitative and pharmaceutical expenses. So you should seek legal assistance if you find that your child has suffered c-section injuries or birth injuries cause by c-section procedure.

We know that as new parents this could be a very stressful time. No one wants to go through the traumatic experience of an infant being injured at birth. If the healthcare professionals were more diligent they could have prevented these c-section injuries. If at fault, they need to be held accountable for the pain, suffering, and trauma that the parents and the new born have had to go through.

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